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Year is ending and I have some goals.

Posted by OPFX - December 7th, 2018

2018 is coming to an end and my feelings torwards to this year are all over the map. I've accomplished a lot in one year but I feel like I didn't accomplish enough. I got a handle on my mental health, finished college and got a job all in the same year. I feel proud of myself and no one can or will take that away from me. I also have in mind a set of goals for 2019 as well. I want to move closer to my job's hq so I don't have to drive 4 hours every week commuting to and from work. These travel expdenses also include hotel stays.

Another goal of mine is to finish developing Project 11:11's front end including translating all the web designs that our graphic designer will churn out. I'm actually getting pretty good and converting psd's to html, css and javascript. They have more websites that they're going to need designed and developed and I feel great gratitude for having worked along side such creative indiviuals and experts in their fields

I also would like to save enough money to travel at least once a year for a week to two weeks at a time. It's been a long while since I've been anywhere and I'm actually really excited to fly out of state to see my parents for the holidays and then we're taking a road trip back to my home town to spend time with my brother's family as well. I want to do that more often so I need to have enough money saved up to do so.

I wanna build my credit because I'm going to be 30 years old early next year and I have yet to establish a history with my cred cause I've always just paid for shit in cash. So getting a credit score, for one, is a goal and increasing it, for second. It sucks to say but credit is a very important part of being an adult and I've been slacking at estalbishing it so better sooner than later because I've been an adult for over a decade.

There will probably be more goals as I near the end of this year I'll try to keep track of them here.

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Hotel stays? So that's a four hour drive to job location, and then you're there for the full week? Sound expensive indeed. That Project 11:11 site looks pretty sleek too. Modern but not too animated like so many other sites of the sort (looks good too but all that resource use).

Good luck with all the goals! And whatever it is you work with! Sounds like you're accomplishing quite a bit.

Yea man, I'm working my ass off! Thanks for the comment and I will take these words with me to work today to remind myself that Cyberdevil's got my back. I'm only at the office for 3 days out of the week and stay at a hotel for 2 nights of that.

You do that! :) Thought you might elaborate a bit on this current job opportunity though, something web-related...? UX Scientistry's sort of my field too, though maybe not quite as elaborate.

Started as a all encompassing web role doing ux design and development. But then management saw that our graphic designer designs better websites than I do so now I just code. I've been a jack of all trades for my whole career so its actually quite refreshing to have a more focused role. Forgot to answer some of your questions on your last comment. I edited my response to facilitate those questions.

Ah, still code for UX design though? Not so much dynamic stuff? I tried delving into PHP and SQL a bit but realized pretty quick that wasn't really my forte. The basics are fun, styling around with CSS and that shizzle, but I really prefer the design bit of it all. Definitely a business where it's good to know a bit of everything though! Full time job this thing or... wait never mind, you answered that bit below. XD Good to know, and good combo with the hotels there. Do you freelance outside of that too?

I actually work three day weeks too right now, though it's a flexible schedule so each week's a bit different. Closing in on Christmas it's starting to be pretty much full-time...

Mostly front-end (HTML,CSS,JavaScript) , some back-end (PHP) not much mysql yet. I will once the company decides to appify their website. I don't freelance anymore, but I did in between jobs. Nice on the full-time. My goal is to work full-time around March but the details are fuzzy. My schedule was flexible until we realized that we pick up more momentum when we work 3 consecutive days in a row. All in all a fun career and the people are always interesting.

Expanding coding proficiency as you go or do you know all these languages at this point already? Well I do like the extra money but not so much all the computer time. :) I mean I love computers but it takes a toll. Ideal for me would be another part-time job where I get to spend some time outside; moving around a bit more. Good luck with yours though! Ah yeah, taking a day off every other day does something with continuity... it does help. Seems that'd work best with your living conditions and such too though! Sounds like fun.

I've been doing web stuff for over a decade but I'm always learning new things as I go along. I don't mind being on a computer more than I sleep. It's sort of my thing even though at times I wish I'd spend more time outside. I guess I'm just used to it. Outside work would be refreshing I suppose. My three days a week are consecutive, Monday through Wednesday. Allows for me to pick up some momentum, but I'm negotiating a full-time position so momentum can continue for another two more days.

Yeah me too. :) Bit too many new technologies to keep track of these days though, unless you actually work with this stuff full time I guess. I probably spend 14-16 hours a day by the computer, work or no, used to be OK with more too but at least personally I notice I really need to cut down. Aight, hope for the best!

Absolutely buddy, thanks again!