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Where do I go from here?

Posted by OPFX - October 21st, 2018

I've been working for Project 11:11 for 4 months now and I couldn't be happier. Not only am I getting to work on things that I enjoyed as a hobby. I get to earn a paycheck while doing it. I've always been interested in the innerworkings of the internet. How the different components talked to eachother to display the results of a serverside computation that you see through your web browser.

It has alwats fascinated me how the Internet was built and making a career on designing and developing cutting edge interfaces with plugins from all over the web. How HTML defines the objects yet can be stylized by CSS and manipulated by JavaScript. Then you add in the complexity of functionality you might wanna throw your html in a sql database and use PHP to do the storing and retreiving. But don't leave open a connection with AJAX or you might just get hacked!

Anyways, I'm enjoying the ever loving hell out of my job and have been so complacent that I haven't been working on any of my side projects. Heck, I haven't recorded a vlog in nearly a month. I know that my longterm goals involve me updating my side projects more frequently than this, it may just require a bit more discipline to hone in my attention span onto projects and ideas that aren't necessarily making any money yet.

Whatever the case may be, I need to stop allowing myself to become lazy just because I'm not immidiately being rewarded for work that must be done. I need to remind myself that the reward for working on my side projects is experiencing them evolve into much more sophisticated implimentations.

I want to make my vlogs more about topics than about my life so I may develop a format for that. IDK! I'm pretty happy feeling good right now and I just wanna bask in it.


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Me too. I don't care much about soft but I like network hardware. Multiplexors(mux), Mux/Demux, Switch(rip), Routers etc. I like to work with transmitors and wires a lot. I wish in one day I will be back to optic wires, nowdays I have to work with couper cable, twisted pair and wireless tecnologies.
Optical wires is our nowdays and our future for this 20-50 years.

Wow! Fascinating...

Btw what kind of connection do you use ?
PON Fiber to home, twisted pair or wireless acess (4G, LTE).
If PON is it GEPON, GPON or outstanding xPON?

My internet connection is just standard cable.

Oh quite interesting, I thought that USA and Europe already made a next step into optical networks. But from the other side it is wise desidion to stay at "standart" cable. If something happened you can fix it yourself.