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Art Portal has BRUTAL competition.

Posted by OPFX - April 26th, 2018

I have been submitting my unscouted art to the art portal and I've been getting down voted to hell. I believe its a strange mixture of jealousy and resent. I don't do character design I do collages and logos. I'm trying to expand my skillset but these things sort of take time. I've also noticed a lot of poor quality games and animations making it through the flash portal. It feels as though there are a lot of users out there who are salty because they suck at making art.

Just because I don't draw characters doesn't mean I'm a bad artist that deserves to be downvoted. Sure I might have been 5ing my own work because I think I make good art. Good art, what a funny phrase, as the quality of all art is subjective I see resentment can be developed overtime when constantly bombarded with criticism.

I'm going to continue to contribute my art to Newgrounds regardless of the scores I get, maybe I'll get scouted, maybe I'll go absolutely nowhere. One things for sure, I'm not done.


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The art portal for some reason is just really picky in general, but I've noticed this in the audio portal too. Kinda feels like bashing my head against the wall repeatedly once I realize tracks I've had that were good enough for the front page are sitting at scores like 2.2/5 sometimes, or tracks that were 4.7+/5 for a month straight on the popular audio page are now 2/5. Ofc it could just be that I'm an audio mod and people are salty I keep removing their stolen shit -- or maybe I just suck. I also haven't done well in the Art Portal. Then again I'm not a fantastic artist, and my knowledge of photoshop/GIMP is lacking.

I see no reason why your stuff should be getting downvoted to hell. Your sense of perspective is good. Your images are relatively high quality. It could be that people are just more interested in boobs and butts, like you hinted at.

Don't get me wrong I love most of the artwork submitted to Newgrounds, but I think its time they broadened their horizon by accepting other kinds of art.

@OPFX Same. A site that isn't continually evolving is a site that is dying. I feel similarly about the Movie portal. Not everyone who produces movies wants to spend a whole month rotoscoping their clips just to get a foot in the door; wish we had a niche for theatre.

Yea, film would be a awesome addition. But then you'd be competing with youtube and vimeo. I think Newgrounds fits a very particular niche, like you said, and its been working this whole time.

@OPFX I dunno, what defines NG is that the community decides what stays on the site and what goes. YT is chock full of spam, and the admins remove whatever they want willy nilly. I'd be less concerned about competing with YT and more concerned that we'd have to redraw guidelines because people would start submitting amateur porn LMAO

Sound logic. YT is a nice app but filled with garbage and they are ruthless with their removals. I wouldn't mind SFW porn. That'd actually be kinda awesome.

@OPFX What would you think of a proper adult section of the site, only available for members with ID? It's been something on my mind, considering the general legal issue of minors actually being able to snoop real-people porn online (the reason we don't have anything but animated porn on NG, and images of actual people are not cool). Sites like FB, Points2Shop, Amazon already request IDs. Personally I black out all the information they don't ask for.

But the demand for good porn is real. I wonder if NG would catch shit for something like this, or if it would draw more traffic.

As long as the porn is tasteful I have no qualm over it. Nothing, too fetishy just women looking beautiful in yoga pants or something. I believe it has the potential to draw more traffic because thats what porn does and if you mix NG's vote system with porn you only get the best porn.

Best bet is to allow cosplay as a qualified entry so beautiful women in spandex become more iconic and therefor obtain more clout. With that clout they would have to be responsible because they then would be under the watchful eye so to speak.

Porn is just such a dirty word and it would definitely taint the charm the NG has developed over the years. If anything newgrounds could start a whole new NSFW website with similar functions in a different design. That would be the wise decision to make.